About the Service

The Kummara Family Intervention Service assists families who are working with the Department of Communities and Child Safety Services, when there is a plan for children to return home, or the children to remain at home with support.

This service supports families living in the Ipswich/Springfield and Bayside region. Our service is funded by the Queensland Government and there is no fee for accessing this program. We can work with families from all cultural backgrounds who have ongoing Child Safety involvement and the child is either at home or reunification is part of the case plan.

What we offer

Our Family Intervention Service is specifically for families who are having ongoing Child Safety involvement. We are a voluntary service who will walk alongside you, to help your family work together with the Department and support you in reaching your case plan goals.

When you work with Kummara you will receive a culturally safe and respectful service. We are aware that every family is unique and that raising children can be stressful. Our qualified and empathetic staff are non judgemental and have an understanding of life's struggles whilst recognising your strengths and abilities. We will work together with you, the Department and important others to identify and meet goals that will improve the safety and well-being of your family. Ways we might do this is through: Family Led Decision Making, parenting programs, individual counselling, safety planning, advocacy and strengthening connections. We also run regular groups. 

To able to work with our Family Intervention Service, we will need a referral from the Department of Child Safety. If you prefer, you can ring us and we can discuss this with the Department on your behalf.

Contact Us

Ipswich & Springfield

Phone: (07) 3198 3030 (ask for the FIS team)

Address: 22 Stuart Street Goodna


Phone: (07) 3846 5654 (ask for the FIS team)

Address: 2960 Old Cleveland Road, Chandler